Posted by: Really Independent Scientologists | April 17, 2010

Dependent on the independent scientologists?

To be a really independent scientologist, the way is not to get dependent on the so called independent scientologists.

Take a tour around the net and read for yourself what they write and look what they do. Do you really want to get involved with the kind of emotions and violations of Hubbard writings which they clearly indulge in and which they justify? Do you really? Is that an alternative?

Posted by: Really Independent Scientologists | April 17, 2010

rathbun and rinder bad scientology pr

I´m sick and tired of these guys calling themselves independent scientologists and spreading bad PR on scientology on the media. It is a naive thing to believe that most people can, or even care to, differentiate between the Church of Scientology and the subject of Scientology itself. These guys are doing all scientologists, the so called independents included, disfavor. I have repeatedly stated this to several anti church blogs etc, and I have been censored. So much for “free speech”.

Posted by: Really Independent Scientologists | April 17, 2010

Really independent scientologists

This is a challenge.

Place any so called “independent scientologist” on the Hubbard Scale Of Attitudes.

Highest: Trust

And going downwards:

ca tone 22.0 I have trust on all dynamics and act that way.

ca tone 11.0: I have trust in my self. I can sort out what I don´t trust.

Ca tone 4.0: One can trust things most of the time

Tone 2.0: One can´t trust things

Tone 1.5: I hate people. I´m too good for them

Tone 1.0: Life is threatening

Ca tone 0.7: I will betray

Tone 0.5: I´m betrayd

Lowest: Distrust